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Is That A Leopard? Yoga Mat Strap

Is That A Leopard? Yoga Mat Strap

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Our dual use yoga mat strap is a versatile and stylish accessory that combines the functionality of a strap and a mat carrier. Its vibrant webbing materials add a fun and unique touch to your yoga practice. 

As a carrier, it securely holds your mat, ensuring it won't come loose, even when rolling around in the car! Fully extended as a strap, it provides support and stability during your practice, allowing you to deepen your stretches. 

With its unique combination of functionality and style, there’s nothing else quite like it on the market. It's a practical and eye-catching addition for yogis of all levels.

Approx 63” long, fully extended.


Made in Vancouver, WA USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susan Winston
Secure and beautiful!

I wanted this strap because my other one was constantly coming loose when carrying my rolled up yoga mat. Problem solved! These buckles do not budge yet are easy to release when you want. The beautiful teal and metallic design makes me happy to look at.😍

Debi Svendsen
Beautifully made!

So pretty and also so functional. Carry your mat and also have a strap to use in class. Way better than the Velcro one I had been using.

Wendy Wildeson

I love this carrier strap. I have a heavy mat and it makes carrying it very comfortable. I also use the strap for stretches. Very handy. It also matches my mat!

Olga Johnson
Love it so much!

Style and quality is outstanding! Got bunch of compliments 💫